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Accurate potency testing is critical to protect your brand and provide accurate and reproducible data to the consumers and medical patient’s that your business serves. We use ISO 17025 accredited and individual state approved methods using high performance liquid chromic tomography (HPLC) to quantify the concentrations of 14 active cannabinoids in any matrix currently being used in the cannabis, hemp or CBD industry. Our consistency, credibility, and state of the art technology allow your patient’s healthcare providers and your recreational users the ability to safely choose your brand and receive a consistent dosing and product experience when using our testing services across the multiple markets we serve.


Microbiological testing cannabis and hemp are leafy greens that are susceptible to the growth of bacteria and fungi just like our food can be. Cannabis and hemp products in the handling or production phase can be subject to micro biological contamination if surfaces are not properly sanitized and personnel who handle these products are not taking the appropriate precautions for cleanliness. Green Analytics is a physician-run testing lab company with extensive experience in microbiology and how pathogens create risk for the patient and consumer.  We use the same PCR (polymerase chain reaction)  based methodology to protect the patient and consumers for certain pathogens that the hospitals and physician practices use to diagnose and treat patients. We employ a variety of testing methods in addition to PCR including traditional culture based plating methods to test for a variety of pathogens. These include yeast and mold, bacteria, such as E. coli and salmonella, and other pathogens, depending on the state and the market requirements. Feel free to review the pathogens tested in any specific market that we are located in by checking each state specific testing requirements on our website.  Our methods are ISO 17025 accredited and are designed and implemented to protect vulnerable populations, including the elderly, immunocompromised, and the consumer in every market we serve.


Terpenes are a component of cannabis and hemp that provide aromas, flavors and unique qualities to all cannabis and hemp products. These molecules can provide synergistic effects with cannabinoids and enhance the consumer experience. There is rapidly growing interest in researching and documenting the multiple clinical effects that over 100 terpenes in cannabis provide to the user. We use ISO 17025 accredited and individual state approved methods using gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry (GCMS) to accurately quantify over 38 terpenes in all market available product formulations and flower.


Pesticides may be applied to cannabis and hemp to prevent destruction of the cannabis and hemp plants by a variety of threats including insects. Often, these chemicals can be absorbed by the plants and passed on to the consumers. Toxicity from pesticides can be acute or chronic and present with a variety of symptoms.  Symptoms depend on the type of pesticide and the amount of pesticide the consumer is exposed to. Green Analytics uses the most  advanced analytical tools including LC-MS/MS  along with sophisticated methods that are ISO17025 accredited and individual state approved in each market we serve to test for pesticides in market available product formulations and flower to parts per billion to protect the patient and consumer.


Heavy metals are found everywhere in the environment and accumulate in the human body through ingestion or inhalation. Cannabis plants and have the ability to absorb heavy metals from water, soil or fertilizer.  Unfortunately, contaminated flower or processed products can pass heavy metals on to the consumer if not properly tested. Toxicity depends on duration of exposure and route of exposure. Symptoms can be acute or chronic and range from neurologic side effects such as fatigue to headaches and brain damage.  A variety of organs can be damaged such as the kidneys. Multiple gastrointestinal issues can occur. Green Analytics uses inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry or (ICP-MS) with state of the art methodology that is ISO17025 accredited and individual state approved in each market we serve to test for heavy metals in all required market available product formulations,  flower, and hemp to parts per billion to protect the patient and consumer.


Residual solvents are highly concentrated cannabis extracts from flower, including oils and waxes, that have become increasingly popular. The production of these products relies upon solvents such as butane and ethanol to extract cannabinoids from plant material. The solvent must be removed from the final products because they can potentially be harmful to patients and consumers when they are inhaled or ingested. There are a wide variety of solvents used and tested for and illnesses can range from mild to severe, depending on the exposure and type of solvent. Green Analytics uses gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC-MS) in ISO 17025 approved methods to quantify any residual solvents down to parts per million concentrations for the large variety of matrices we test for.


Mycotoxins can be produced by certain types of fungus. It is this active mold metabolite that can cause illness or “poison by natural means.”  Symptoms depend on the type of mycotoxin with the duration of exposure. Age and patient health play key roles in the consumer’s response to mycotoxin exposure. Mycotoxins can be carcinogenic and exposure results from ingesting or inhaling contaminated cannabis products. Green Analytics uses the most advanced analytical tools including LC-MS/MS along with sophisticated methods that are ISO17025 accredited and individual state approved in each market we serve to test for mycotoxins in all required market available product formulations and flower to parts per billion to protect the patient and consumer.


Water/moisture activity: Microbial growth in leafy greens like cannabis is governed by water activity. Water activity is tested to find the risk of susceptibility to microbial growth in cannabis. Mold and bacteria are unlikely to grow at a water activity level less than .7. Many states create an action limit of .65. Green analytics uses state of the art ISO accredited methods combined with regularly calibrated instruments to test for water activity and moisture content in cannabis and hemp products. 


Viroid testing: Green Analytics offers a full suite of molecular testing services for the detection of a number of pathogenic viruses, including:

  • Viral Panel (Hop Latent Viroid, Lettuce Chlorosis, Cannabis Cryptic Virus)
  • Hop Latent Viroid
  • Lettuce Chlorosis
  • Cannabis Cryptic Virus
  • Tobacco Mosaic Virus
  • Beet Curly Top Virus
  • Powdery Mildew
  • Russet Mites
  • Fusarium species
  • Pythium species
  • Botrytis Cinerea

We can test at any stage in the growth cycle, including clones and testing in flower rooms.   


Plant gender testing: We provide fast and accurate testing to differentiate male from female cannabis plants. We have over 99.5% accuracy, and excellent pricing. Our PCR-based platform can be utilized early in the cannabis growth phase to provide canopy saving decision-making. 


Stability Testing: Whether stability testing or shelf-life testing is a requirement of your particular state or of interest to your business, Green Analytics is prepared to help you understand what happens to the quality and potency of your products, as well as their safety to the consumer, over time. It is critical to be able to speak to both the patients and consumers of your products about their shelf life. We can provide this testing and help your team evaluate things like the stability of active ingredients and the integrity of packaging. We also have the ability to help you design specific studies for your products if you have a need. Please contact us for further information and allow us to customize a stability or shelf-life program for your team.


Scientific consulting – We have a team of over 15 PhD scientists with experience from both pharma and the production side of the cannabis space. Our team is dedicated to helping your business with production questions, process development, and problem-solving. Call us to set up a meeting to address your business needs.


Grow consulting – We have a world-renowned grow consultant with over 10 years of experience in the cannabis space dealing with every conceivable issue that arises on the grow and production side of the cannabis business. Allow us to bring in our team to solve any problem you may have, including, but not limited to contamination with pathogens, pesticides, or heavy metals. We have helped multiple clients solve their problems and continue a pathway to safe product production for their clients and patients who use their products.


Data analytics: Our data analytics suite provides unparalleled clarity and precision that allow for more accurate cultivation decisions. Our detailed and comprehensive reporting allows for data, trending and comparison for every sample and strain. The platform gives you the power to see each difference and change between multiple facilities and grow locations at the same time. We can provide reporting, graphics and and real time alerts that can be customized to your needs. Testing with us in multiple markets allows you to truly understand the consistency of your products and manage your data in ways that will save money and improve productivity.

Seamless integrations:

  • All historical samples and COA are at your fingertips
  • Sample results upon completion are instantly sent to your seed-to-sale systems.
  • Full API connections to labeling software.
  • Secure data solutions for your business


Product development solutions: Many of our scientists have been on the production side of the industry. We are prepared at any time to help with product development and refinement and create solutions for difficult production situations that may arise for your business. Contact us at any time.


Project Management – Our team of professionals ranging from our data management team using our Domo platform to our PhD scientists and cultivation experts will help with project development and creative solutions for almost any problem or project that your business brings to our team. Reach out at any time to take the first steps in your next project.

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MD CODE Section – Laboratory Testing

Testing Contact: Dan Kulakowski, PhD
Email: daniel.kulakowski@greenanalyticslabs.com

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NJ Interim Testing Standards for Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis

Testing Contact: Jamie Rosenstein

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Testing Contact: Jamie Rosenstein

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PA Dept. of Health Medical Marijuana Regulations

Testing Contact: Billy Woolf
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