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Scientific consulting – We have a team of over 15 PhD scientists with experience from both pharma and the production side of the cannabis industry.  Our team is dedicated to helping your business with production questions, process development, and problem-solving. Call us anytime to set-up a meeting to address your business needs.

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Grow consulting – We have a world-renowned grow consultant with over 10 years of experience in the cannabis space dealing with every conceivable issue that arises on the grow and production side of the cannabis business. Allow us to bring in our team to solve any problem you may have, including, but not limited to, contamination with pathogens, pesticides, or heavy metals. We have helped multiple clients solve their problems and continue a pathway to safe product production for their clients and patients who use their products.

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Technical consulting/data management – Our Domo software and industry leading technology, combined with our data management team, are available at any time to manage your testing and solve technology issues for your business.  Feel free to call to discuss how our platforms can help you analyze your data and improve your business.  Testing with us in multiple markets allows you to truly understand the consistency of your products and manage your data and business at the highest level. 

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Data analytics: Our data analytics suite provides unparalleled clarity and precision that inform more accurate cultivation decisions. Our detailed and comprehensive reporting allows for data, trending and comparison for every sample and strain. The platform gives you the power to see each difference and change between multiple facilities and grow locations at the same time. We can provide reporting, graphics and real-time alerts that can be customized to your needs.  Testing with us in multiple markets allows you to truly understand the consistency of your products and manage your data in ways that will save money and improve productivity.

Seamless integrations:

All historical samples and COA are at your fingertips.

Sample results upon completion are instantly sent to your seed-to-sale systems.

Full API connections for labeling and all other third-party software platforms.

Secure data solutions for your business.

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Product development solutions: Many of our scientists have been on the production side of the industry. We are prepared at any time to help with product development and refinement and create solutions to difficult production situations that may arise for your business.  Contact us at any time.

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Project Management – our team of professionals ranging from our data management team using our Domo platform to our PhD scientist’s and cultivation experts will help with project development and creative solutions to almost any problem or project that your business brings to our team. Reach out at any time to take the first steps in your next project.

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